I didn’t start off wanting to become a designer, I didn’t grow up with a love of art and design. Originally, I went into Software Engineering to make video games. I found the game design degree which then translated to a graphic design degree. During that time is when I found what I really wanted to do, and excuse the language, I just wanted to make cool shit.
It didn’t matter to me whether it was a game or something else, I just wanted to make something cool. I found I had more fun making designs for shirts, posters, and other things and that was what I wanted; to create things and have fun doing it. I learned through projects to keep things simple; not to overdo designs, and that worked well with how my brain operated in breaking down thing which then developed into my design philosophy, “Simplicity is my foundation.”
These are the words I now live by in my work. Keep things simple and build out from there to create something complex and meaningful. I don’t have a particular specialty when it comes to what I can do, I didn’t focus on mastering one thing. Therefore, I tend to look at myself as a jack-of-all trades in the field, from making logos, brand design, product mockups, shirts, and posters. I didn’t really like the idea of doing just one part of graphic design, so I chose to try and do as much as I could.
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